Dad V Girls

Dad V Girls, aka Joel Conder, his wife Sarah and their 5 daughters (Kaci, Grace, Sophie, Chloe and Madison) are one of the U.K.’s largest family YouTube channels. From crazy & hilarious challenges to realistic daily routines, the family’s versatile and inclusive content allows them to reach an audience spanning all ages.

Despite only creating their YouTube channel 4 years ago, the family have accumulated over 280 million views and over 1 million subscribers in this short space of time. Similarly, their views, which average at 700,000 per video, are a clear reflection of their loyal following and highly engaging content. Individual members of the family also have their own social channels, in turn broadening the family’s outreach even further.

The family-orientated nature of their channel has naturally led to Joel and Sarah becoming prominent figures within the YouTube parenting space. The couple have always recognised the importance of representing a positive influence within this sector, providing support and tips for their followers with families of their own; while supporting organisations surrounding anti-bullying, mental health and education.

By putting a spin on traditional content creation and using their creative flare to create fun and entertaining content for both brand and audience, brands are always keen to partner with the family of seven. Dad V Girls currently have strong ongoing partnerships with the likes of PayPal, NOW TV and Lego.

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