Ecem Gundogan

Ecem is a versatile content creator whose popular YouTube channel covers a wide range of topics from food and fitness to beauty and fashion. Known for her light-hearted and relatable videos, Ecem has built a dedicated following that engages deeply with her content.

Balancing her passion for content creation with her studies in Medicine at Queen Mary’s University London, Ecem uses her platforms to offer insights into her life as a student. She documents her journey with authenticity, showcasing productive ‘Day in the Life’ routines, efficient study methods, and the challenges of balancing academia with her diverse interests.

Ecem’s influence extends beyond her academic pursuits as she promotes a balanced lifestyle to her Gen-Z audience. Her content includes easy-to-follow home workouts, deliciously healthy recipes, skincare routines, and fashion hauls, providing practical inspiration for her viewers.

With a versatile content portfolio spanning various platforms, Ecem excels in collaborating with diverse brands. Recent partnerships with Notion, Adanola, and Manucurist highlight her adaptability and appeal across different industries.

Follow Ecem for a glimpse into her dynamic life as a student, content creator, and advocate for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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