Ecem Gundogan

Ecem’s popular YouTube Channel: Ranging from all thing food & fitness to beauty & fashion. Showcases her light-hearted, relatable videos attracting high levels of engagement from her dedicated and loyal following.

Alongside content creation, Ecem is currently juggling her studies of Medicine at Queen Mary’s University London, as well as her placement. Using her platforms to document her life as a student, Ecem loves to promote productive ‘Day in the Life’ routines and efficient study methods in her vlogs and videos. She not only shows what it takes to become a doctor but also authentically demonstrates good influence across her Gen-Z audience; promoting her balanced lifestyle, easy to follow home workouts, deliciously healthy recipes, skincare regimes and fashion hauls.

The variety of content spanning Ecem’s platforms, means she is highly adaptable when it comes to working with different brands. More recently she has collaborated with the likes of Notion, Adanola and Manucurist.

Categories: fashion education