Erin Rutherford

Northern foodie Erin is a breath of fresh air and loves to spread positivity through all of her content. Whether that’s vlogging her days at home with cats Bowie & Fig, sharing her deliciously healthy meals or showcasing sustainable thrift shop finds of the day, Erin’s aim is to always leave her audience happy and inspired. Her witty sense of humour, combined with her down to earth personality is what makes her so relatable to her genuine and loyal audience.

After completing her degree in Journalism at Manchester University, Erin turned to YouTube as a creative outlet and over the last year her channels have grown considerably. Having just moved into a gorgeous new apartment by herself, Erin’s openness and vulnerability is super relatable as she navigates the day-to-day of a post-grad. Her content provides a safe space for her audience to relax and escape the busyness of life and her positive, personal growth mindset empowers and inspires her community.

Over the last year Erin has worked with some of her favourite brands such as Pukka, Gymshark, Current Body & HelloFresh. Erin is a firm believer in quality over quantity and strives to create authentic and engaging content for her subscribers.  Her fun, playful style and aesthetic is aspirational and her values around sustainability speak to today’s generation.

Categories: over 25's education