Gals Who Graduate, the Ultimate Girl Group run by Brontë King.

GWG was founded in the shape of a highly active digital community that acts as a support network for female degree students who encourage and help each other navigate their way through life, particularly after graduation when anxieties can run high.

University of Reading alumnus Brontë’s summer holiday following graduation was dominated by uncertainty about her career path, a sense of decision making pressure and loneliness in the wake of leaving campus life behind. She found herself wishing that there was a group she could be part of where everyone felt the same way and could offer support and advice from their own experiences.  At that moment Gals Who Graduate was born. Today the brand has morphed into a support network of over 10,000 girls who all have a connection to a University experience and a passion to support and guide others.

GWG has recently partnered with like-minded brands from Superdrug to Charlotte Tilbury and 21 Buttons.

The new year has seen exciting developments and evolutions for Gals Who Graduate. We worked to develop a brand new logo and released a range of much anticipated merch to match.

January also saw us produce and host our third Gals Who Graduate event at Ballie Ballerson which members of the online network attended. It was an amazing evening with truly inspirational girls who all agreed that they left the event with a new group of friends. Watch this space, there’s much more to come!