Grace & Grace

Brunette and blonde besties, Grace & Grace are a dynamic 22-year-old duo.

Since they were teenagers, the girls have shared eye-catching fashion-focused content, with hints of travel, food, beauty and lifestyle. Their contrasting yet complementary personalities have built them a loyal and dedicated following across socials.

Their core audience is formed of 18–24-year-old females based in the U.K.
Since finishing fashion college, Grace & Grace now spend time exploring major fashion capitals across the world: experiencing new styles, cultures and documenting their travels, whilst creating highly aesthetic content on their socials.

Known for their unique and contrasting fashion styles, the girls have gained popularity with Gen-Z audiences across the UK and Europe. The girls are confident in sharing styling tips and exploring the latest trends, looks and collections.

As a result, they have attracted collaborations with high-end and high-street brands including Gym Shark, Nivea, New Look, The Body Shop, Farfetch, Meshki, Oh Polly and Bicester Village.