Grace & Grace

Popular lifestyle duo Grace & Grace are two best friends that have a wonderful relationship both on and off-screen that is translated perfectly across their socials, making them incredibly relatable to their dedicated following.

Their passion for creating gorgeous fashion-focused content, combined with their contrasting & complementary personalities, makes them a social media powerhouse across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. The girls have also just launched their very own podcast ‘Every Blonde needs a Brunette’ – discussing all things travel, fashion and boys!

Having just completed their final exams at fashion college, the girls are now embarking on various trips to major fashion capitals across the world: experiencing new styles, cultures and documenting their travels, whilst creating highly aesthetic content on their socials. Delivering their content in such an organic way, centred around their own lifestyle and passions has set them apart from other influencers in this space.

Making bold clothing choices inspired by the latest trends and their own experimental styles, the pair have created an engaged community for fashion-focused young women and brands are forever keen to collaborate with them. The girls have recently worked with several High-end and High-street fashion brands including New Look, Farfetch, Club L and Bicester Village.