Hannah Desai

Otherwise known as Cocobeautea, Hannah is a luxury fashion and lifestyle creator based in London. Regarded as one of the original UK fashion bloggers, Hannah’s ultra-modern look with a touch of old-school glamour is her signature; focusing on all things from high-end fashion through to Scandi Highstreet and super chic lifestyle brands.

A huge part of Hannah’s appeal is her ability to work with a variety of brands while maintaining the aesthetic of her content and simultaneously delivering effective and beautiful-looking campaigns – be that for skincare, makeup or fashion brands and beyond. With a young female skewed audience, Hannah continues to rapidly grow across Instagram TikTok and YouTube, having amassed to date a combined total reach of over 2 million followers across all of her platforms.

Her effortlessly chic style has seen her partner with the likes of Fendi, AmEx, Pantene, Burberry Beauty, Madewell, Armarni Beauty, Longchamp and L’Oreal. She is loved by the brands she works with and is widely known for her ability to combine a mix of high-end and high-street pieces into stunning looks, whilst occasionally incorporating her Indian heritage in her style choices and daily life.