Jordan Lipscombe

Established as one of the UK’s top influencers in the beauty and fashion field, Jordan’s original, high-quality content is always a hit with her dedicated and engaged following.

With a highly successful YouTube channel and over 450k followers on Instagram, she is now taking the TikTok world by storm and has amassed over 1.5M followers with her daily TikTok Lives on all things beauty.  Her audience love her captivatingly honest personality and admire her makeup skills as well as her original sense of style.

Over the last few years, Jordan has worked hard to carve out a very distinct place for herself on the social media scene. Consequently, her popularity has soared, making her one of the audience favourites in the space with some of the highest engagement and top performing sales for fashion brands in the UK.

Owing to this Jordan has worked with some of the biggest brands including the likes of Morphe Cosmetics, Primark, L’Oreal Paris, Mark Hill Hair – co-creating her very own ‘Chrome Collection’ with them, that being their first ever influencer collaboration.