Lyndsay Joanne

Brighton based Lyndsay Joanne, is a part of a two-mum family. She shares her experiences as a same-sex parent, IVF, and fitness in a vibrant and cheerful manner.

Lyndsay has two daughters, Violet and Pearl, and has built a dedicated and engaged fan base that appreciates her candid and supportive content. Recently, she wrote her first children’s story, featured in HiPP Organic’s ‘Where The Little Things Are’ book.

In November 2022, Lyndsay joined #Teamboobs for a 100km trek through the Sahara Desert to raise funds for Coppafeel. She is currently running a content series called Me Again, aimed at assisting mothers in rediscovering themselves after having children.

Over the past year, Lyndsay has worked with a variety of lifestyle brands including Amazon, Yankee Candle, Costa Coffee, Moonpig.

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