Rikki Sandhu

With over 4 million followers across her platforms, began as a TikTok sensation before taking YouTube Shorts and Instagram by storm as well.

Her dedicated following has been gained making fun, interactive beauty style content in addition to no holds barred, informative content about body positivity amongst young girls and women.

Since starting her journey, Rikki has worked on campaigns for brands including Dove, The Body Shop, Nivea, The INKEY List, Iconic London, Avon and Makeup Revolution. Also passionate about body positivity and women’s issues, Rikki has recently worked with The Internet Watch Foundation for their campaign #GurlsOutLoud to promote safety online for women.

She has retainers with Maybelline and, more broadly, L’Oréal and continues to growing significantly on a daily basis.  Looking ahead across the rest of 2023, Rikki is now looking to branch out and continue to build both her Instagram and YouTube platforms so watch this space!

Categories: beauty