Madeleine Olivia

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One of the most respected voices in the area of sustainability, Madeleine Olivia is an Influencer, YouTuber and Author who lives in Cornwall with her fiancé Alex and adorable dog Roxie.

Since starting her YouTube channel in 2016, Madeleine has tracked and shared the changes she has made to her life over the past few years, with her content aiming to help others follow suit and live in a more ethically compassionate way. From veganism and minimalism, to low impact living and self-love, Madeleine’s social platforms provide practical tips for everyday life and how we can reduce the impact we have on the planet.

With a predominantly female audience between the age 18-34, she now has a following of 83K on Instagram  and over 500K subscribers on YouTube. Her platforms continue to grow as a safe space for her audience, inspiring them to try their best to eat more vegan food, consume less in all areas of their lives, use less plastic and listen to less diet-culture nonsense!

At the start of 2020, Madeleine published her book Minimal, which positions simple and sustainable living as something that can be attainable for everyone. Owing to the success of her first book, she has been kept busy over lockdown and has put together her latest ebook, Plant Kitchen Comforts, which is filled with recipes suitable for vegans, non-vegans, vegetarians, and those interested in plant-based meals; it’s full of humble, simple and delicious cooking.